Servo Motor


SERVO MOTOR is an electric and mechanical motor, which is a combination of which consists of the electrical circuit and a mechanism to precisely control the Servo Module with precise movements, so the Servo Motor rotates at a certain angle that you specify through a signal , an example of where a Servo Motor can be used is in robot parts.

Flateck is a specialist in repairs of AC SERVOMOTORS, DC SERVOMOTORS, SERVO DRIVES and SERVO ACIONAMENTOS. Our laboratory is prepared to serve the servo services of several manufacturers, such as: Siemens, Allen-Bradley, Indramat, GE Fanuc, Baldor, Control Techniques, among others.

Flateck, in line with cutting-edge technological solutions, has an exclusive sector to perform the REPAIR and MAINTENANCE of SERVO MOTORS and special engines, where ELECTRONIC REPAIRS are made.

Feedback (ENCODERS, RESOLVERS and TACOGERATORS), electrical (STATOR and CABLES), mechanical (bearings, shafts, bearings, covers, alignments, balancing and machining) and magnetic (magnetized rotors).

We are cautious when lifting the electronic timing points of SERVO MOTORES so that they return to work perfectly and ensure accuracy, especially in engines used in ROBOTICS.

Flateck also offers REPAIR services on STEP MOTORS and DC MOTORS, with the same quality offered on SERVO MOTORS services. Works performed on ServoMotors: Review Rewinding Servo Motor Brake Repair Servo Motor Brake Replacement Power Connector Repair Servo Motor Planetary Gearbox Repair Power Connector Replacement Signal Connector Repair Signal Connector Replacement Incremental / Absolute Encoder Repair Incremental / Absolute Encoder Replacement Axis Recovery Shaft Replacement Bearing Bushing Bearing Replacement Fan Repair Replacing the Fan Review and description of services performed on Servomotors: General disassembly to check all mechanical and electrical parts Insulation measurement of the stator winding / tachogenerator / brake / sensor Measurement of the Fan and other accessories when applicable Measurement of the ohmic resistance of the stator winding / tachogenerator / brake Measurement of Temperature Sensor / Fan and other Accessories when applicable Measuring the short between turns of the windings Measurement of voltage generated and operation of the Tacogenerator Measurement of signal amplitude and encoder timing Synchronism and Feed Back Tests Checking the voltage generated by the Motor / Rotor Magnetization Brake opening and closing tension measurement Brake Torque Measurement Measurement of the spindle / flange runout Disassembly of bearings, covers and accessories Bearing tests Measurement of the housings of the bearings, covers, bearings Replacement of Motor Bearings la, loa and / or nu Replacing the Fan Bearings Winding washing with heated water jet Drying the Windings in a Greenhouse at 120 ºc for approximately 8 hours Shot blasting Rotor / Pulley Rebalancing Improve seals - replacement of O-rings and / or bearing retainers, covers Engine Flange Alignment Motor voltage / current / speed measurement Tachogenerator / Encoder Repositioning Vibration level measurement Reassembly of the SERVOMOTOR Preliminary tests and trials Installation of the motor in drive / CNC for final testing in the Laboratory (work simulation) External painting